1. Can you explain your licensing model?

At blackletra.com we offer combo licenses that cover Desktop, Web and App at the same time. There is no way to purchase desktop licenses or webfont licenses separately at this site. We have one multi-purpose EULA covering all uses. We believe that this makes licensing easy and simple for you, but if you need something special please do not hesitate to contact us.

2. What about ePUB licenses?

You can use our fonts in electronic publications so long as they are installed in the number of desktop workstations specified in your invoice. Please check our EULA.

3. Can I embedd fonts in a .pdf?

Yes but public .pdf files may only be created if the font is embedded in such a way that the reader is restricted from changing its embedding permissions, extracting the font from the document, and creating or editing new content using the fonts. This is because a substantial part of the font source code is embedded into a document when creating .pdf files.

4. Can you create a special license to my specific needs?

Sure, email us and tell us what you need!

5. What payment methods do you accept at this site?

With Paypal you can easily an safely pay by credit card even if you don’t have a Paypal account, that is why we use it here.

6. Do you offer discounts?

Sometimes. Please sign up to our newsletter in our homepage and you will be warned when we set a special discount.

7. Do you offer trial files for testing?

Yes, please email us about that. Alternatively you can try for free and rent our fonts for just a fraction of the retail price using the Fontstand App.

8. Do you provide refunds?

We can’t refund money on font license purchases. There is no way for us to verify that you no longer hold copies of the font software, so we cannot provide a refund. If the font software is defective please email us and it will be replaced by the same software if accompanied with purchase receipt and we are notified within 10 days of purchase.

9. Where is my receipt?

Upon a successful payment, you will receive an email with your receipt and the required font files in a .zip folder (always check your spam filters). You will also be able to download the font files at any time in your personal account on our website.

10. Can I purchase a license and modify the fonts by myself?

You can’t modify the fonts by yourself but you can hire us to do that for you, please email us explaining your needs.

11. Can I purchase a license and hire a third party to modify the fonts?

No, please see item 10.

12. Can I share your fonts with my client or contractor?

If you licensed the fonts, no. The client must license the fonts if they need to use/install the fonts.

13. Can I provide the fonts to a developer or print supplier?

Yes but only if you both comply with the terms of our licence.

14. I am a student and do not have money to purchase fonts but want to use yours, what can I do?

Renting the fonts for a small fraction of the retail price on Fontstand is the best option for you, please click the Fontstand badges on our font pages. At Fontstand you can also test the fonts for free for 1 hour.

15. I work in an advertising agency. Who needs to purchase the license, me or my client?

Depends. Who is going to install and use the fonts? If it is you/the-agency-you-work-for, then you/the-agency-you-work-for should buy and own the license. The client must purchase a license only when they need to instal/use the fonts.

16. Can I buy a license for my client?

Yes. You can add a license owner during the checkout process.

17. Can I use .otf fonts on a website?

Uploading the desktop font data (.otf) to web servers is strictly prohibited, as well as the conversion of it to webfonts (.eot, .woff). You are allowed to convert the desktop fonts to images (.gif, .jpg, .png) or use the fonts in Flash websites.

18. What font formats do you provide?

We offer fonts primarily in CFF-flavored OpenType format (.otf), which is a cross-platform format that will work on Mac and PC. For web we offer webfonts (.woff and .eot). If you need something else, please get in touch.

19. Can I publish a typeface with Blackletra?

We are happy to see what people are doing! Please send us a piece of your work, we will be glad to look into it and consider for our library.

20. What about your Privacy Policy?

We do not collect any personal information when you visit blackletra.com unless you choose to create an account with us. The register form is the only place you can supply information, and that is all the information we keep. We do not collect information about you if you browse our site. We may use your information in order to improve your customer experience with us. We may use a third party to help us with improving your customer experience, in such cases your information will only be shared with them to the extent needed to perform their service for us. When you choose to delete your account, all your information we have from you will be deleted. We may need to share information if required by law.

21. Can I use the fonts in a logo?

Most of the times. Please see item 3.15 of our EULA.