Daniel Sabino


Daniel Sabino, Lucas Gini & Diego Maldonado


Henrique Beier

Creative Direction

Greco Design

External consultant

Gustavo Soares





About this font

The city of Brumadinho, with around 400,000 inhabitants, is located an hour’s drive from Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais / Brazil. On January 25th, 2019, a huge dam disaster occurred when a tailings dam containing waste from an iron ore mine 5.6 miles east of Brumadinho collapsed. This unleashed a flow of mud devastating the mine’s offices, including a canteen staff, as well as its surroundings, destroying houses in the village of Córrego do Feijão and killing 272 people. The family of the victims have created an association named AVABRUM, whose purpose is to seek for the rights and interests of those who suffered from the loss of their loved ones. The company responsible for the dam, Vale S.A., came to an agreement with the state government and was required to pay a series of indemnities, fines and considerations to repair socio-economic and environmental damages. One of the compensations was the creation of the Brumadinho Memorial to honor those who lost their lives in the tragedy. An architectural competition was held to choose the design for the Memorial. The winner of the competition, chosen by the AVABRUM association, was the Brazilian architect Gustavo Penna. Greco Design was responsible for the identity and the signage project, and Daniel Sabino from Blackletra created a bespoke typeface, inspired by stonecarving.

Awards & recognitions

Silver Medal - Brasil Design Awards (BDA) 2023