Daniel Sabino


Daniel Sabino
Lucas Gini


Diego Maldonado


Henrique Beier

Art Direction

Rodrigo Teixeira
Alexandra Pain
Marilia Affonso
Caio Rossini
Renato Stefani
Bruno Poncinelli
Thiago Alves
Lucas Gusso
Rafael Silva



About this font

At the beginning of 2020, we were invited by the Design team of C6 Bank to develop a corporate type for the brand. At that time, the bank had not yet completed 2 years of existence.

C6 was using Montserrat but there was a desire to replace it with a typeface that would better dialogue with the brand's positioning and be more space saving, especially in the app.

The briefing showed that the new font should be straightforward and not too complex, leaving what matters first and eliminating anything that wasn't necessary. Maintaining a geometric structure seemed to everyone to be a natural way.

Transparency was an important concept for the bank at that time, it is about “transparent, true and sincere relationships”, but it is also about being invisible, not being noticed. The importance of "transparent, true and sincere relationships" led us to temper the geometric structure with humanistic and authentic details.

The idea that “C6 is present in every moment of your life even if you don't realize it” showed us that the typeface should carry the brand's personality in a discreet way, without attracting too much attention for itself.

Still in order to attenuate the rigidity of the geometric structure towards something friendlier, we applied a very slight curve in the triangular letters: A V v W w M N R K Z z Y X x.