Daniel Sabino


Daniel Sabino & Lucas Gini


Henrique Beier

Creative Direction

Dandara Almeida

Graphic Design

Mauricio Filho & Mariana Hermeto

Creative programming

André Burnier


Karla Ribeiro

Internal production

Paola Espalaor Rodrigues



About this font

Enjoei is a second-hand fashion platform that promotes a smart lifestyle and makes room for diversity. The brand's purpose is to redefine the new, transgressing the fashion cycle. Enjoei creates new contexts for the same items with freshness, enchantment and beauty.

It thus promotes a change in the “used” mindset to redefine people’s relationship with things, which can be looking at a used item that becomes new, being able to enjoy a global and infinite wardrobe and inviting other reflections on the new.

The font responds to this in an inventive way. There is probably no 100% new element in the type system. New, however, is the way in which these elements are combined, resulting in a unique set with great potential to become a powerful brand asset.

Awards & recognitions

Latin American Design Awards (LAD) - Gold Medal 2023

Brazil Design Awards (BDA) - Gold Medal 2023