Daniel Sabino Lucas Gini

Art Direction

Renan Benvenutti
Luis Fernando Costa



Font Production

Daniel Sabino
Lucas Gini
Diego Maldonado
Henrique Beier



About this font

We were invited by Tátil Design to create a font family for XP Clear, one of the XP Inc group brokers. Clear is focused on investors with a bold profile, who are willing to take greater risks in order to achieve greater returns. Many of these investors play sports in the morning before work. The adrenaline present in both activities is a common point between them.

Realizing this, Tátil created an identity that dialogues with these two worlds: sports and investments.

Electrocardiograms and investment charts produce similar designs that were used to create a common element: a triangular and pointed shape, a visual code that unfolds throughout the identity. At all times, this graphic element interacts with photography, typography and illustrations.

The decisions behind the design of the logo created by Tátil were guided by this same graphic element.

From there, we created the typeface based on both the graphic element of the identity and its logo. The fonts have a dynamic, high-pitched voice that alludes to the idea of movement.

The font family is divided into Clear Geo and Clear Action. While the former is a bold and versatile geometric Sans designed to perform well in text sizes and in the app, Clear Action was created as a display type.

Clear Action is slanted, has super condensed proportions and generous ink traps that set the tone of voice of the identity. For it, we developed a Variable version that fluctuates between weight and width. One of its main uses is in animations.